you names


i haven't played in awhile and don't even know if my charecter will still work, but i'll find out soon and post mine, what are all of your names?

I havent played in a year and only log on once every 2.5 months to keep my chars active. ~Matrix223~ is my account. I doubt I'll be on anytime soon if ever. D2 just got old with all the item duping (which oddly enough happens to keep some of the network fees paid for.......sponsors).

If you have not logged on in 90 days, your characters are likly to be gone :eek:

EDIT: I'm on USEast ONLY!

my name was viet_magic, but it is gone now because i havnt went on it in 2 years....

My name is BTman_2, BTman_02 and BTman_2_, and i am still very much active, ive been playing since D1, not as much but still very much active, i try to get on at least 4 times a week, so if ya ever on, give me a holla:D

I'm VERY rarely on these days. When I am on (and I am only ever on USEast), I use 0ALEX0


If someone wants to give me their account to keep the account active, IM your man ;) just e-mail me at [email protected]

lol, i dont think your gonna get any takers...if u cant refresh your account yourself every 90 days you should probably get rid of it all together

my account is Hoowah and i'm almost always on except for lately because my CD drive isnt working :(

alrighty hoowa, ill keep a look out for you. im usually on at 1p.m. through 1a.m. est

I'n on a lot, but from now until about june 10th i wont be on cuzz i cant go on the computer.
but if u see a name that says demon in front its most likely me..lets see i have,,,,
Demon_Kunga - Barb
Demon_ozark - forgot
Demon_arial - forgot
Demon_ forgot this one too!!
well my main one is the Barb....

See you there!

Vinn3Bo1 and VinnyBo1 I play only USWest

Sup everyone I've only had D2x for about 2months which means im an active player my user name is Felix96 :cool:

o one more thing im on the west world of D2 only.

im less active in d2.... i only played like 4months n i got all godly :D