Wuts ur dream d2 wep


wuts ur dream d2 wep. cause i just wanna know :p

i hardly play now...........

perfect ebotd zerker

I just want a wand that will give a massive jump of +6 or more to all my summoning spells I know that it proably won't exist in the game as is but a Necro can dream.

A +5 to all skills wand exists I Think...either that or im thinking of a staff with +5....one or the other. Either way u could use that.

That would be cool I hope I find it some were. Maybe in nightmare or in hell levels.

lim u could just get an editor and make a wand that does whatever u want... if u want to i got a reliable site email me if u want it [email protected]

You cant use those editors on realm play though.

o ya forgot i thought u were talkin about 1 player or open sry just a suggestion