Wtf my diablo keeps freezing on me, help!


i dont get it everytime im goin to go to lvl 4 after killing king leoric it frikin freezes on me then i haveta do the butcher and king leoric all over again cuz it doesnt save, ne ideas, it liek freezes when its loading

CD scratches?
Hax active? (if so more than likely the problem)
low ram?

thats all i got

Ya, Whats your PC specs and OS. It sounds kinda like a memory issue...shouldnt think Diablo 1 would need that much tho.


im using windows xp, i have a 1.4 processor and like 500+ ram i dont think thats the problem, cuz i play d2 all the time, and i dont htink its cd i mean im playing online

Even tho your playing online....cant remember if diablo 1 requires the CD to be in to play...but if it does then it could be the CD.

If you can try installing it on another computer...either a spare or friends comp...remember to take your save game files located in the Diablo dir with you on disk so you can access where you were.

Also keep in mind...a lot of games/apps werent made for XP. While its rare, I have seen certain older games not work correctly on newer systems...but its not likly the case.

try to make an ISO of the CD and then play

and i dont know.. i've played D1 on XP no problem
(though now i hate them both... just got old.. D1 all the hax.. d2 just the endless quest for an SoJ it seemed, after 100 times through hell it gets boring)


well this time i got to lvl 6 n then it froze on me and it frikin doesnt save, does it save each time i leave the game like in d2??? cuz i always haveta restart my comp so i guess it doesnt save it

If I remember right you need to press escape and then choose to save it.


when i press esc it gives me choices of options next game restart in town or exit diablo, which do i choose?

Your in SP right?

I cant remember how to save really...been too sure the manual will have it in there.

You should try to reinstall the game and also, are you getting an error of anykind when it freezes?


nope not getting ne error

u need to go back to town to save it should be in the escape menu... i think.

it doesn't matter where you are, if you exit, it autmatically saves, and also everytime you peform an action, such as picking up an item or using a potion, it will save your game, but once you exit the game you start in the town of whatever act your on. but can warp to where you left off at a warp portal, if you got it in the part of the level you were at.