Writing Diablo 1 Hacks...


hey i been using hacks ever since i been playing Diablo one :D . and i have download a dat editor and i opened a fex dats that i have and wondered how are these hacks made? Im guessing Hex Codes? :( Basicly my question is this.. How do you write hacks and how to make them. :)


You have to write it in note pad in hexadecimal, but i forgot the format of writing it :( , try opening dats in the notepad and look at the way they wrote the hacks

In the diablo 1 downloads area there is a application for dat editing which makes it simple. Two of them I think. Look under Dat Programs.

First off, those codes you see in the .dat's are a basic level of ASSEMBLY. Win32ASM to be direct. They are temperary memory codes that re-routine the games natural functions. Thats how you're cheating it with data files, the codes edit the games natural routine to certain elements such as your statistics. www.Kryptoware.cjb.net is my site i have a few nice tutorials on it there. The reason the files are saved as .dat is because thats required for DHACK to inject them. Gamehack would then be used as .hak. Or you could learn MASM and injct DLL files or anything like that.

Notice: You can just right click on the .dat's and select "edit" to see the coding. It does use hexadecimal, but hexidecimal is sort of like the alphabet its written in, the language being assembly.