whree do i put the items cheat int the diablo folder?


i downloaded this items hack and i dont know where to put them in the diablo folder ? can u reply to me asap. thx dudes :confused:

for diablo 1? You dont have to put the items in any specific folder...just remember where u put them on your drive cause you'll have to navigate to the itm folder when you import them to the game...which you'll need a trainer to do.

i need to know bout diablo 2 lord of destruction my fault should have put that in, in the first place

It works the same way with diablo 2....you'll still need a trainer to load any item files. It doesnt matter where they're stored so long as you remember where they are when you go to import them.


remeber editors/trainers ONLY work on single/open..NOT ON CLOSED!!!!!![QUOTE]

please read the past post's b4 asking another question, (and no u cant use em online!)