what do i use and were to find it?


i need to know what i can use to have a few window's open with different character's i can rush at same time.i would be probly using one of my own high lvl guys and rushing as many as i can of my own character's is this possible,im shure,but were do i find a program is it loader or what ????and were???

to do this you need 2 computers and 2 copies of diablo 2. The rest is obvious...

or run c3p0s maphack and do it but no1 posted how to run with multi cd keys >.

would i be able to mabee put my existing d2 into a folder and then re-name it,then install it again with another cd-key??

If you have 2 cd keys anyways, and have an extra computer laying around it would be easiest just to use 2.

ah, upon refreshing i see that the images had just not loaded :D

lol u can runs multiple copies of d2 from 1 cd keys, just depends wat u wanna do w/ those multiple tho O.o, like u could prolly have 8 ddiff chars from 1 acc. on 8 diff games, but u cant like have 2 chars of ANY acc. in the same game if ur runnin multiply copies(so u cant xfer urself!)