Warning and help!


please help me!
Ive downloaded a d2 Lod dupe program from www.team-viphacks.com,
but suddently my d2 Lod internet connection fucked!
It says it is unable to connect to the battle.net and I should see a support website... Well.. I checked but there wasn't anything.
My internet connection works on the other computers in my house, but the one that is fucked is the best one and I'm getting really obsessed!
Need help to my problem and I warn any other d2 or d2 Lod users, do not download ANYTHING from www.team-viphacks.com!

www.team-viphacks.com is an illegaly modified version of our sposors site (teamvip.com). teamvips.com is in no way affiliated with team-viphacks.com. lawsuit is pending. That site is unofficial and probably contains viruses in their hacks as to try to "decrown" teamvip.com as a leading provider in D2 Item sales. What you described does not sound like a virus tho. Please search the forums for b-net connectivity. you'll also find a connection fix guide at http://extreme-gamerz.org/diablo2/

To be sure you may also want to scan your computer for with norton or some other scanning software.