is there any hacks


is there ant hacks that i wont get caught wit & is easy 2 use?
plz help

I "hear" that the new maphack (paid version) is undetectable but havent tried it myself yet. There hasnt been any mass bannings of D2 players in a while due to hacking, but my guess is they're still doing it and just not announcing it. Use with caution.

fortunattaly no that ive heard of. could u imagine it would be just like open the few with and all the beggers.

i hear the C3P0 doesnt work on the 1.11 patch

That and im sure other stuff too. Anyone have a list of anything of their own which works/doesnt work anymore?

hero editor v. 0.90 still works for 1.11 i dont think darkwind mod works though

well the currently working hacks/bots that work with 1.11 patch are:

GateCrasher 1.0 [by Snarg]
D2 Loader 1.11
MulePermer v2.02 Beta
and also apparently pindle bot


I hate when people hack online its so fukin stupid. If you cant win in a fair duel then you cant duel worth of shit. i mean map hack is a lright i guess but pvp hacks is bull shit.

i dont think there is any actual item/stat hacks that work with closed ( but open....duh of course there is you see em all the time, even i have some. if there is some for closed then i hope the people that have em dont come out with em, for the same reason that lod-master says, it would make the game.... for lack of a better word, suck. it would make it too much like open, if u wanna hack do it on there. i like closed for that reason, there isnt any... it makes the game alot more fun when you dont have to worry about being killed the second you step out into the wilderness. lod-master, dont mean to be rude but please watch your language.