tcp/ip (player x) option for single play....


......How do I enter the command and where? I got what seems to be bad information from one site or either I did not understand thier faqs. I understand this is probably covered but...... It isn`t very helpful when the rule to identify the topic of the thread in the title is not followed. :confused:

First thing is to push the enter button.
It should bring up a little blace box at the bottem of the screen when you play.

Second type this /players 8, or any number other than 9 and 0.
The message in the game should say something like this players set to x ( your number you entered)

This makes the game think that there is 8 players playing and its just if you were playing on battle net with 8 players.

This is a very useful little cheat that i used to level up my assassin on single player to level 73.(It took awhile but it was well worth it.)


It's helpful!