spaming noobs


hey me agian i need a spam bot so i can spam noobs who steal forge from me when i so generously rush them thanks let me know late..

1. Go to channel.
2. type "hey everybody, (person your gonna spam name here)" is giving away FREE items! message him before its all gone!"
3. copy text (ctrl+c)
4. go to other channels and paste and spam and there u go

Adam, for starters a "noob" wouldn't have left the game without paying. What really happend here is you got scammed and now your crying about it.

Vinn, he asked for a spam bot.

Matrix, people have been using that line to try getting people spammed for years.. only a newbie would fall for it. :D

Anyways, you can find spam bots at blizzhackers. But since you couldn't seem to operate your search engine enough to find them, you probably wont be able to use them once you do. ;) :D :cool:

Ya, he got scammed, but at least theres people out there nice enough to help someone out in the first place....but just wont hold up their end. Maybe not a noob, but rather immature.

Vinns advice was better then a bot, it takes no installation and will still work fairly well.

I agree, Matrix.

I myself hate bots and think there are far too many to begin with. Just wanted to actually answer the question. :)