shopbot help plz


Hiho, recently downloaded Shopbot, and to use that it requiersbouth hackit 1.10, and bind.

I have com as far that i can set wich NPC to use (in this case larzuk)
Starting in act 5 - I use WP to frigid and go back to town.
Then i type: .shopbot start ( or "8" using bind)
The char gets a message over head, and goes to WP, to frigid and back, THEN - all suddenly freeze... whats wrong?? whole game just freeze, and get error message.

how to fix this??

not familure with that hack...unless someone else here knows it.....try searching google for the creators page...they prob have a bug list.


Hmm.. cant find any place to get help.. heard that there should be a shopbot0.51 (with no buggs) but cant find a source to download it from :(

Anyone on this forum familiar with shopbot??