A real working d2dupe


(link was edited out due to popups (and broken))

if does not work tell me @ [email protected]
or just ask if u cant use it
it is really simple :D

all the posts your making to that site dont display properly without a login...fyi

Anyone have a Dl site for a working dupe please post.

sorry, there is no actual programs out there anymore, but there are "methods", god i hate that word, ill post the method probably tonight or tomorrow.

Yeah i think i've found a working Dupe Hack, im not sure though, the guy says he has taken pictures "HIMSELF" of the Dupe Hack, and it also shows that it might work on Closed Battle.Net ok well if any of you Admins want to check it out and make sure it works and virus scan it and stuff go ahead but here it is http://diabloiihacks.tk :o

From the screenshots....looks like they're using 1.09 and it also donest look like they're on the realms. While the program doesnt come with any documentation, it seems to be virus free.

definitly a open/single player game.