plzz help if u knw


does anyone knw any trade hack tat is still working nw???
if u knw can u tell me whr to get it???

There isn't any out there currently, but i usually go to to see, they usually have the lastest hacks out.

sur thr ar alwys trd hcks out thr. but nw ons ppl kp t thmslf - bliz nt fnd ut thn.

HEY PAT! can I buy a *!#$ing vowel!!!...otherwise it would sound as if were all retarded.

BTman: being hard is it to type a scentence properly...I mean, I use acronymns and have grammar errors here and there...god knows look at my news posts. lol...but when every word has one or 2 letters left out it gets irritating...was in a bad mood that day as well :p