Please Help


When I start Diablo II i try to go on 2 batlle-net.but when i click on it its say something like unable to connect to battle-net and it says like go 2

Please answer if you know how to FIX



oh and can some one hook me up with a d2 muted or un muted cdkey just for a spam bot?

could be that b-net is down...wait an hour or two and try again.


i have its been going on for me for like a week now


Dsl befor it was working fine

if you use a router you might want to reset it if youve played with settings recently...otherwise once again, call blizz...theres prob just a lot of hacks being used on realms and its slowing up sign ins...also try at off peak hours of the day.
If you have another blizzard game try signing in on one of those to the same account...If that doesnt work its probably a connection on your end.


okay i was able to get on a bot with the cdkey and i went on battle-net with wc3 do you have any thing els to think of about whats wrong :(


and i was thinking of buying diablo 2 expansion do u think that mite help the probolem?

it could...and its well worth it....these days i think u can pick it up for 15 bucks on amazon...maybe 20 at a local store.

If you can connect using another game/method its prob something on blizzards might want to call in and report it to be sure.


yeah they said they coukdnt do any thing (bastards) but i am going 2 buy expansion set i geuss

if you ask me LOD was just a big patch that costed cash

but its still fun

the extra items and runes make it worth it...simply filling sockets with plain old gems got old.


yo i just bought it installed it and it still didnt work i can only play single player

Did you call blizzard yet? Seeing some other posts of yours, you have more then one problem....

Actually, i just remembered something....your regedit entry for b-net might be corrupt...remember doing this once WAY familure with regedit at all? I'll try and walk you through what to do based on how much u already know.


no i dont know what that is regdit if u can walk me through that'll be cool

go to start>>run
type in "regedit"

open "Software"
find "Battle.Net"
Rightclick on it and Delete.

Then close all tabs up again and open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
open "Software"
find "Battle.Net"
Rightclick on it and Delete.


After you do this it should clear any data that youve recieved from recently which may have corrupted its entry. It will not delete any of your characters.
Note to be VERY careful while using regedit as you can severly mess up your system if you mess with anything else.

Also, I missed your last post on the previous SHOCKED they told u they cant do anything, cause this is information that I got from them when it happened to me 2-3 years the very least its something to try, and it actually worked for me when it happened. SHAME ON YOU BLIZZARD!


Thanks alot it works finaly XoXo :)

LoL it usta happen to me and id wait 10 to 15 minutes and it would work but so far ive waited 5 days

hmm...... Still wont work it says unable to conect and sometin wrong wit my modem and its working perfectly fine. Although i never got D2 registerd

xxx_xxxcoolxp0069......only post once and in proper threads. Multiple posts after each other in a thread is unnecessary. You do anymore of it and your banned.

if you got problems connection to bnet, look at your firewall, if you got one, you might have d2 set to not be allowed to connect to the net. :confused:

well, when blizz placed a ban on some of the more recent bots, especially jhj, people they suspected and people that were using bot time of ban had a unable to connect message that lasted about a week, me included, but now i can connect, that might be your problem

Yo everybody i got it workin now all i had ta do was ta download the 1.10 patch LoL!!! :)

LOL, there ya go, surprised that d/l screen within dialo didnt appear to update to latest patch.

I downloaded patch 1.10 after i deleted my diablo because i had gotn a virus and now it wont let me on nemore

i think thats more of a thing to tell him in a PM, as to not start a flamewar