PindleBOT and IP ban



first post on forum so nice to meet u :)

I have a question, and need your advanced advises :

I use pindlebot v1.2 (if i good remember) and each 22 runs i got a "kingdom out of order" so i mean a little ip-ban ..
The fact is that i can't change my IP ;-(

I try to change the "createDelay" value to 4 then 10 secondes, but seems not to change something at all ...

I add a thing : for a time i was on 56 K phone modem (things happen lol) and ip-ban was not so often and regular ... i could reach 200 runs in a half - day ...

Can you help me ??

I thank you :)
Philou_ sry for my "formal" english but i am not eng ^_^

set the create delay for even longer...
if your concerned about your IP being banned and have a spare 5 bucks you can try buying a new network card (or switching with a friends) as this will change the MAC address which can also change your IP....depending on how your provider has set you up. If its assigned using DHCP then you should get a new IP (only change will be in the final 4th set)....bit of work to do, but thats the first thing I thought of.


thx for reply.
For now i push my delay to 60 sec .. that is very slow but seems to work well ..
I have only 1 or 2 ip ban (1 hour each) for 200 runs now... so it takes approximately (60+30)*200 + 3600 (1h ip-ban) = 21600 sec so 6 hours

And when i use my bot , i'm at work :rolleyes:

For your idea to change Mac-adressing bypassing the network card, i think it couldn't work : i explain :

i have 2 pc wired to the same DSL-box, with the same DSL-IP, but differents locals-ip and so differents mac adresses, differents cd-key .
and when bot make my ip banned, both pc's get it ...

Am i the only bot-user to get this problem ( getting up to 60 sec delay) ? or am i the only one bot user ;)

byby all !

Philou !

If your running a bot on both at once that could be why. Keep upping that delay and it might even out eventually so that its worth a higher delay without having a IP ban at all. Lots of configs to play with.
But ya its gonna depend a lot on your setup.
To change your main IP at the router level you could simply change routers if you have a spare one around. That should do it as well most of the time.

you can always get an ip changer, they are good to have if you know how to use them, also, my bot doesnt usually give me ip ban, course i have it set up for random game delays.

ow i doesn't know that random delay was available ! where ?

such an answer to my problem :

when i take no merc, i haven't or only once, any ip-ban ...
when i take my merc, every 22 runs -> kingdom out of play.

so i think that taking hit's, teleporting (changing location) could be an explication ..

so tip : don't use mercenary :)

Philou !
ps: i finally put my delay to 45 .. seems good work. :o


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