Open Battle Net


[FONT=Impact]Anybody need hacks or hacked items. I am the GHOST Clan Leader. I am giving away free custom hacked ghost items to anyone.
I have some pretty sweet wepons to. I DUPE FOR YOU MY ACCOUNT KRYPTICKID hurry!!!!!!!!![/FONT]

dude, no need for the 50 point font...if someone clicked to view this thread they're prob gonna read it no matter what the size.


yo can u hook me up when i can get on battle-net i can talk 2 you

Matrix why do u always have to find something bad about a thread or someone???

This is one of the few threads ive made a comment like this......if I make comments in other threads, its not necessarly something bad, but a different approch or support towards a particular problem.
Besides the fact that it somewhat resembels spam (like what youd copy/paste in a b-net chat room), "darkside" is not fully registered and its preferable not only by myself, but many others that dont want to see junk splattered on any forum.
We are probably going to turn off posting abilities to people who provide fake emails or dont complete registration.

Yeah sorry about that i guess i was haveing a bad time but it just seemed like when ever i read a thread u where saying some bad about but now that i look back at some of the threads i know that ii was rong.

sorry :)


Eviacaih epicah Vionhana :cool:


hey can u hook me up plz i need some hacks, and do u know where i can go to be an editor well i play diablo all of the time my account name is pimps_and_hoes so talk to me when u get to play diablo ok

[QUOTE]and do u know where i can go to be an editor [/QUOTE]

What do you mean?