No CD-Crack


Ok, everyone, yes I am new to this forum, anyway. I was wondering can anyone give me a direct link to a Diablo I, No CD-Crack, that actually works, and doesn't have any backdoor Trojan Viruses, or any other virus.

- Michael

- That would be much appreciated :D

.... I also know this isn't a warez website, and yes thats very respectable. I also know I cannot play without a CD, seeing how my brother broke my CD, when trying to play it. I don't mean to sound rude. Anyway later everyone...

hmm... i think you need the CD to do that.

the starcraft no-cd things all require the disk so they can copy some stuff from it

i think your screwed.... though you can just get a friends copy of the cd (no cd key etc) or find 10 bucks laying around

but im not 100% on the needing cd thing.

Ok, well I already knew that. You need a CD of Diablo I to create a No-CD-Crack, thats really obvious. Anyway, thanks, at least you tried to help me.

- Michael

u can use a cracked exe but thats up to you to find. Otherwise search for "Alcohol 120%" on google.

it makes ISO's (virtual copies of a cd)
you can only get like a trial version for free

there is a free same thing at sourceforge somewhere, i couldnt find it but you may be able to

Well, it would be easier to tlak to you on MSN Messenger or AIM Messenger, do you have either? If so give me your information of either or both, within your next reply.

"deamon tools" is the freeware one i believe, but its harder to use.

Ok, thanks Matrix. Much appreciate ^_^, :D

Go Kirby! (>"_")>

im not aware if it does or not...i know it does emulation.., but i hardly used the program because shortly after i got dtools i found alcohol 120%

U can use WinISO to make CD ISOs tho if it doesnt provide it...or any other freeware software.

my friend has the cd how do i copy it.... he tried it b4 and only got spawned version

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