New Nez Mod Forum!


I in no way take credit for this mod and the following is pasted from the website


"you'll largely find are a number of additions to the existing game. The mod features many changes too--some majors ones such as a major restructuring of the skill system will force you to rethink how you go about building characters in this mod. But there is more of a focus on adding things to the existing game. Nezeramontias features new equipment, new items, new skills, new inventory images, a larger character stash, many new cube recipes, new monsters, several new magical enchantments, expanded levels, a revamped money system (i.e. it's actually useful ;-) and much more! Well, ok, so "much more" is vague and sounds like an ad some shady man in an ugly plaid suit throws out during 4am infomercials. But take a look around, and you'll find extensive listings of the additions and changes this mod has to offer."
This is an extremely fun mod, it is a variation of diablo 2, me a few people are working to get a realm for it, If you are interested come and register at my forums, btw they are free, and once we get a realm up this mod will become even better.
currently we are reduced to tcp-ip games, but we are looking for a host, if someone here can host we desperatly urge you to join our mod and forums.

This is the link to the forums which has how to install and download the mod