New Clan!! DBD (death before dishonor)


:eek: Hey the new open clan DBD (death before dishonor) is now recruiting experienced diablo 2 lod players! Post or contact me (DBD_clan) to join. But of course youll have to try out for the clan if you can kill or last over 50 secs-1min aginst DBD-xshadowx then your in! Good Luck!! ;) :cool: we also do not Tolerate rule breakers. breaking the rules makes you lose you honor there for your out of the clan.
DBD_clan: not in
1. no bad language what so ever. no matter what.
2. always show respect. any reports of disrespect you will be kicked out.

[U] Members[/U]
1. DBD_clan (leader)
2. DBD-xshadowx (my bro) (lol)
3. Killa_DBD (co-leader)
4. Pepsi (solder)

Just found ou tthat this clan name already exits already so i gonna make a poll for the new clan name