Need some help guys


I know these programs are out there..

My sons 2 year diablo 2 accoutn password was taken a few moments ago by some jafo. I need a program that will enable me to recover password and account back again for him... Bnet is of no use since his mom would not allow him a email accoutn till now


concerned dad

Sorry, not much can be done...I certainly cant do anything, and I know if you called blizzard support they wont do anything. Should have signed up for a hotmail account even if you didnt tell him the password. Or just use one of your own accounts. Bliz wont spam it. Everyone needs to learn/have security on the net...this would be that lesson.

Like 1 year ago you could call Battle.Net and tell them my account got stolen. All you had to do was tell them the cdkey and they would reset the password. But by the time you got your account back all of your "good" items were gone. I think bnet has stopped that now though with the automatic e-mail stuff. They were probably getting 100+ calls a day. That does suck for your son. If I still played d2 i would give him my items. I will look around for where he can get new items again. Decent to start with and some good mf ones. At some forum I remember seeing something about a ITem DOnation accounts for all realms. I will look into it and reply as soon as I find some info. is one of our site sponsors...they sell d2 items at pretty cheep you could always head over there the purchase some good MF ones.


you can contact blizzard and they might beable to recover it,.. it worked for me a couple weeks ago:\

Ive never known blizzard to fet chars/items for anyone....if they do its prob rare...I imagine all the requests the get for it everyday.