**mf Hack**


yo guys im so excited i just found out how to mf hack, basically beforeu go to kill meph or w/e type in /players 8....its a hack that makes the game think there are 8 players!! happy mfing!!


OMG i was thinkin this was ognna be another scam, but it worked...is it legit tho? will i get in trouble from blizzard? like i hope this isnt messing with game code or w/e...but its awesome..i did like 10 runs on meph and i found a ali baba! o man im gonna be racking in the gear...THANKS AGAIN MAN im gonna go mf

It works best if you use Gangsta's_Speedhack 1.7 with it... takes less than 5 seconds to MF, but battle.net thinks you are still in the game for at least 5 minutes! no more realm down! ;) happy mfing!

/players 8 only increases the difficulty, and yes a VERY slight percentage to dropping better weapons...this has been known about for several years. I believe it used to only work in Lan games or Single player games (if it was too easy for some). I cant remember for sure if it worked effectivly on b-net, but I do remember something about only the game creator could set it and actually have it work properly. This is NOT a hack/cheat tho.

interesting...i dont play lod...i play classic....maybe ill try it tommorow :D

It should work on classic as well....its a Diablo 2 thing only tho.

hi iven trying that /players 8 on my mf runs. I was wondering how do i know it works and how to i type it cause i keep on getting this not a messaga. please respond

The only way I think you'll know its working is when you attack a monster and its harder to kill (or has more life) then before u turned it on....I'm still not positive how functional that is in multiplayer games tho.

sounds nice... where can i get it at?

lol - its not a "hack" , just something blizz put in there as an afterthought more than likely

just type /players 8 or whatever no need to download anything

This does not work in B-net realms just fyi


i need help gating tal for some 1 can some 1 give it to me free my name is dangioffre on diablo expansion set plz help me :)

well, if you guys tired of doing manual runs i got a bot to fix that ;)

It doesn't work :( i am sad /players 8 dont work :(((((((((((


Does this really work?


do we just type /players 8 before we go kil mephy?

it actually only seems to work in single player anymore, sory bout that guys and gals

and LAN games. but no one does that much...

ya i tryed this i didnt realy work the best thing i got was sigons gauntlits :mad:

I dont know if any one is even in this chat anymore but 1) does it still work on single player mode? and 2) can any1 hook me up with stuff for my guy hes only lvl 4?

Do not ask for items on this forum - im sure everyone wishes they could get free hand outs.

you want good items? go over the teamvip.com and fork out a few bucks.

darc, im sure i can give you a few starter items my accoutns are BTman_2, BTman_2_, BTman_22, okay.