Map Hack for Mac


I've been searching for a diablo 2 map hack that works on a macintosh computer..I've searched around and gone to a couple sites I know but can't find anything. I've heard it's very rare and now see that but does anyone know some place I can download one?

I know exactly what you mean. I have spent A LOT of time searching for D2 Mac maphacks and have found nothing. Actually the only working Mac Hero Editors I know of are MPQ Tool (which doesnt let you edit your items) and Horadric (which doesn't seem to work for v1.11 becasue it was only updated to v1.10). I really hope someone replies to your message that can get us Mac users some good Maphacks and Editors!!! Because they have been long needed.

i need a good hero editor that will work without fail on my mac osx.4 this is a hero editor for diablo 2 lod the newest patch . ive been searching for ages please help :cool: