Map Hack


Can anyone tell me where i can get a good *free* map hack for Diablo 2 LOD V1.10 for single player? I don't use bnet. :confused:

for single player you can just use mousepads maphack (no harm or fear in using it offline)...i'll be compiling a d/l page for d2 stuff this weekend...i'll try and remember to post the link here then.


were do u get map hack


i need map hack for free

I've just read that mousepad is being taken to court by blizzard, is this true?

I highly doubt blizzard is in fact doing that..there are disclaimers on that maphack...if so its not directly related to the existance of the hack. Depends on the source you got it from. Even if it is, you can still use it for offline play, they will never know...and if u do use it online the worse they'll do is ban your cd key....would be rather impossible to sue the thousands of people that have used it in the past.

It's only because he/she now charges for the program.
I was just reading some feedback on mousepad, quite a few unhappy campers :p

as I recall he requests the persons cd key to be sent to blizz is prob doing the whole sue thing cause of that if anything...because of their poicy "no one will ever ask for your CD key". Theres ways to get around sending your cd key, but then that would be illegal to do to mousepad....go fig.

Ages ago i had a wicked map hack, but ex took of with my computer *grrr*
I just loaded D2 up again, really miss it the hack.
any other good map hacks besides of mousepads?

not that I know of, but I will be looking for new ones to add to the site...hopfully d/ls will be up by tomorrow...late prob.

I have spent ages searching online for a map hack other than mousepads but with no luck. it used to be really easy to download diablo map hacks, did people stop bothering or something?

Theres also a lack of programers (with tons of free time) able to make such programs...and those that are prob dont want to invest the time when another is already available...why compete for something thats already free? I got sick towards the end of the weekend and still sort of am. So unforntionatly a D2 d/ls page is gonna have to be put off for another week or so. Sorry :( It will come eventually tho.

Does anyone have DSL? I was wondering would battlenet still lag (even a little) if i changed to dsl? i give up looking for map hacks. found one link, but the site was German :o

yea i have dsl and still laggs me...


help me plz


i need help gating tal's sets if you will give me if my name is dangioffre for diablo

i finally found a map hack. found it through a search engine of course. all i did was typed in Diablo 2 Hack Pack.

atm i have a bunch of hacks to post on the D2 site...I have a 6.0 cracked version of mousepads maphack. Is his the one u have? It along with others will be posted this weekend if I can manage the time.

I got mousepad maphack, once matrix gets that d/l section up ill get it posted, i also got a couple other cool programs that i think everyone will like ;)


can some one give a
website to get a map hack?

hey warn, message me on aim at: BTman01 ill send you maphack