LoD-Clan Legends of Destruction


Hi. MY name is Lod-commander i am now currently the new leader of LoD-Clan. I am looking for new recruits. Following is required to join.

1.You may make a new acc if you wan to, but from now on all chars must have LoD at the begging EXP. LoD-Fireball

2.YOu must have Diablo 2 Lord oF destruction to join that is what we play.

3. A char already made at least at level 75 with good gear on.

4. A test duel will be done will my weakest char. A lvl 78 Blizz Sorc , she is naked so dont worry.

5.Loyalty. Friendship. Brothers, sisters. You join you gain more than you bargain for.

Replie ASAP also if questions.


Hi i have always wanted to be in a clan.
contact me and we will duel
i play in us east non ladder acct name deadmanince


i want to jion


k that sounds good mY names Lod-Commander. Your trail run will be on friday at 9 ished tso be on