Launch Diablo I, 800x600


I've seen all these ways to make Diablo II run in a smaller window but I'd like to do the same thing with Diablo I. Anyone know how to do this or if its even possible? It doesnt have to be 800x600, just anything in a window.

Now i personally dont have time to try this but i decided i would try to find a website that may be on too something because to my original understanding Diablo 1/Sc/wc2/ and some other games cant be played in window mode but i did find a website that talked about forceing your game into window mode. So check this out they talk about usless stuff at first but just read it all they begin to talk about a program...Heres the link.

Ps. if im not aloud to post this url just let me know ill edit it and just try to use what they said to explain it a bit latter. Im just lazy right now and have to go to work soon. Anyways hope this will help someone. "just have to test it"