I Need some help.


During the week i play d2 lod on my moms cpu which has no internet. so i play it on there to perfect my skills. I need some hacks that go with version 1.07 for d2 lod so if anyone has some plz let me know. ASAP :)

most of the newest hacks are likly backwards compatable, but for the most part old versions are not supported (at least here) so I'd suggest upgrading first and then all the current stuff will work...get the patch and put it on a cd or something...u dont need an internet connection then.


i dont have internet at honme but at school and i dont have a dick that can support the space with new the new d2 patchesa and also is ther a place where i can find patch 1.11 to download il find a way but sugeestions will help.


lol sry disk that has the space and the internet is filtered so makes it alot harder