I Need Runes!!!


hey u guys!!! i just wanted to give u guys my account!!!


if u got ne xtra runes or need help with a rush or sumtin!! talk to your homboy!! right here!! i will help u out!! just let me know!!


Let people know what realm you're on? east/west ect?



[FONT=Arial Narrow]hey i would like to get something, i had start a new account cause my last account has been erased :eek: and i've started abarb :D . so if someone could help me for some stuff my email is [/FONT] [email protected][FONT=Arial]undefined[/FONT]

oops sry im in east!!!!! ill take Pgems or runes!!!!

hey man, i got 3 ums, 1 mal,some lems and lum, sheals,dols,fals,hel and i hav hoto,engima, andys helm,war travs,goreriders if you need. we can trade. wisp. me at *badbuzz. later

ill take any thing for a java zon and any thing witg good res. java skills gc

I dont play often but I believe I have a 14 res GC charm and a couple +charms for a fire/cold sorc...cant remember for sure. I know I have thunderstroke, and a few unique etheral javalins - dont remember the name offhand. Prob some other stuff I've forgotten too. I wish I had more time to play :(

hey i got some hack charms if u want em i got hero editor so as long as i keep 1 of each i can just make more

i think i wood be interested in some charms...i wood have to see which ones you have..let me know when you might be playing and ill try to be on the same time. later