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i need some kind of hack that will make my hp go up, say to maybe 2000s or more, with still being able to go into battle.net, cuzz i put on a lvl 127 hack once, and that player is ruined cuzz battle.net wont let it in, lvl is too high, so if u could also tell me how to LOWER that lvl that might be helpful also, thank you!

A trainer usually works for that. Either that or a dat file hack...im aware that the link is broken on our site but it should work tomorrow by noon 12pm CST.
Heres the trainers: http://extreme-gamerz.org/diablo/trainers109.php
then the dat programs: http://extreme-gamerz.org/diablo/datprog.php (note link wont work till tomorrow)
and here are the actual dat files you'll load: http://extreme-gamerz.org/diablo/dats109.php

I'm also aware the bobafett trainer link doesnt work, and since they're not around anymore i'll just have to remove it...2 others to choose from tho :)
DoomGaze is the one i prefer...havent played D1 in a LONG time, but i think DoomGaze had a dat program built in or at least in the zip. If you need more help just post here.

yea i use doomgazer, trainer currently, its great! but it doesnt have char stat stuff really. and as i said b4 it messed up my caracter with the lvl 127 hack, so i wont use the trainers char. editing stuff..but ill try the dat files out

I'm working on the site right now...be done within the hour and the link above should work

ok how / what do i do with diablo hack 206? idk how to work/ wat to do with it

look at the ArtemisV109 hacks and tell me what the crashes and anti crashes do and wich the best ones to use r and what onse wont turn off MY game ect...and so forth...

i need an iteam maker, but idk how to use one!

i downloaded one of your iteam editer/makers and it dont work cuzz it cant find a file, and idk where it is or how to make the thing work
(sorry to keep dublo posting, its just i have a few different problems)

crashing makes ppl drop out of the game if they are on the same lvl as u....anti crash prevents it.....you'll need the anti crash active if u use the crash hack so you dont get dropped yourself...some of those hacks need some trial and error work so just experiment. Also note to be careful that you dont turn on too many hacks at once because some may conflict with each other...if Diablo crashes it obviously has a conflict :p Turn things on one at a time and if everything is fine for 5 min about, then turn on another. good luck

maybe someone else can fill you in about the item makers ect. I havent installed the game for near 2 years now even and forgot how a lot of the hacks work, doing quite a bit from memory...its rather simple tho. If something is buggy, it might just take some trial and error to work or you might have to compermise one hack for another.

With the items...all I remember is dont make them be something insane....you can for trial and error purposes, but i dont remember it working well.

ok sounds good.....one problem...im crazy about D 2 now...i just got the cd key for it about a week ago

I personally suggest playing through D1 legitamently before moving on to D2...you'll miss some story/plot if u skip to D2.....D1 only takes about 10-15 hours to complete depending on how much you fool around...so give it a go if you can.

OK iahve one question about the cd key thing...
why doesnt anyone want pll to give them out?

It is illegal for a CD key to be used to operate multipul copies of D2...if one is posted here its a liability for us because its our site.