How to make white items on open


what do i do if i want to make my hacked items white or differnt colors??

there is a way! and its quite easy, before you had to use a Hex editor, but it is now easily done with ZonFire.

dont have zonfire on this comp so i will do my best with my memory.

go to were you make your items and make the item unique, and when you choose which unique you want pick an item you know that has a white color, one of them is swordguard theres a few more but i cant remember atm. also try out some black colors IMO the coolest looking ones. for black you can use corpsemourne i think nats set also works for black i cant remember all of them T____T hope this helps ill make something more understandable and readable when i get on my comp and have time to type it out neatly for you guys. lol @ grammar.