how to get 2 sreens playing at same time


how to get 2 sreens playing at same time?? with a cd-key

If it is possible to run 2 copies of diablo at once - which i assume you'd wana use the option to run diablo 2 in windowed mode, then you sure wouldnt be able to do it with only one CD key. What you're asking to do does not exist. You need a second cd key.

i have a second cd-key... but i dont know how to use it... and i know how to put my window screen: c:......'' -w

i want to know how my 2 cd keys??

right now the only way i see of doing this is using 2 computers or a bot. I know you can sign in a bot program, but it just depends what you're able to make that bot do....theres another post somewhere in the forums here about that I think. For the most part you're gonna need two computers to do this if you want "freehand" controll over each one.

umm how u change cd key on a comp without reinstalling?

For Diablo 2 you can easily using a CD key changer program (or edit it in the registry manually if your good at that sorta thing - thats all the program basically does)....I know its not posted on the site yet, its sitting here on my HD for a future update....if this is what you want I can just toss that up real fast sometime later tonight. Let me know.

ok tell me how to change in registry

Im not sure of the specific key it is. I'll post the program tomorrow sometime on the site and post a link here for ya.

.... my question was how to use 2 cd keys to have 2 screens playing??
i know it can be done, my cousin does so.

QUOTE: how to get 2 sreens playing at same time?? with a cd-key

"A" cd key implys one :-p

If you find out how or what program he's using post it here.

okay, ill send it to you if i know it

QUOTE: okay, ill send it to you if i know it

What do you mean?

Just post the name of it and i'll get a hold of it.

.. i know it, but ill send when i know how to work it...
i got difficulty istalling it

Actually I found a way as well, possibly the same way (using d2 loader). I'll post a guide for it on the Diablo 2 page when I get the chance.

thats the same program...
good chance for the guide! :-p
(finding it)

i believe you need to install diablo in two different areas in order to have two different ones on the same comp, bu tstill need different cd-keys for each client

That would probably work but the way ive done it is by using CDkey MPQ file which is available in the d/ls section. Then specify the cd key file it creats for you in the shortcut.