How do i get all the items i downloaded to upload onto my characters???


ne1 wanna help??? lol how lame is it that u cant even run is tehre some hack that lets u run at least??


o cmon no1 knows??? i got em off a site and they are all like files in my diablo folder how do ig et em onto my character

Theres another thread on this, search the forums.


that doesnt explain nething to me tho, they arent programs they are just files that i extracted

Use Bobafetts or DoomGazes trainer to import items. Its pretty self explaintory, or read their documentation...


i would but they didnt give me ne instructions tehy were just like dl these

I see in the doom gazes trainer they list a link to their site:

Theres prob something there. You REALLY shouldnt need this. If you cant figure it out by looking at it you prob shouldnt use it...people using hacks that dont know what they're doing tend to mess up apps.

I'd tell u exactly how but I dont have the game installed anymore as its old ect. And without it I cant even get that far into the trainer.


well i dled bobbafettes and i run d1 first n get into a game and then run the trainer and it ses i ahve an unsupported version of it running or a folder named diablo open on my desktop and i dont ahve a folder open s o idunno wats wrong, and as for messing up my comp i dont care its a old gateway that blows lol thats y im doin all this crap on her cuz i dont care if i F it up


nvm doom gazers is working fine i got bobbafettes and it gave me soem gay error but dooms is working

I think bobbafettes may be outdated (as they dont even have a site anymore)....For the record, what version are you using of Diablo 1? 1.09?