Help me to dumb


im to friggn dumb to figure out what zonfire and most hacks dooooo :confused: me brain gonna die plzzzzz help me

Google is your are manuals/ and read up on it...I know for a fact that Zonefire comes with info.

no. you'll just get banned if u try.

yet agin i call apon the smart ones (you ppl) i cant seem to figure out how to actually use the doom trainer thing it just tell me that the process id could not me located or some thing plz help.

i have no idea how to use it. i dont use those hacks

do u know how to import items ive searched the forums but all i got was nothing every thing was for diablo 1...

what do you mean by importing items?

like downloading items and putting them in your file.

i dont think thats possible unless u dl a char with items and put them in your file.

Item importing is possible, but not if you're playing on a realm.

is there ne way to use any kind of hack on besides maphack. also ne1 have a charm with sheild bash.

Nope, no other "true" hacks...just strategies and such. Any other hacks and the game would become even less fun for those trying to play legit...we dont want another episode of diablo we?

true.. can anyone tell me how to edit items. plz

Zonfire Editor....check the downloads section.

k got it thanks i wuz wondern how to change da look of da item

in order to use those items, you need a character editor in order to import them directly to your character.