Help, CD giving me problems (D2: LoD)



I purchased my CD, I'm not asking for anything illegal, I'll take pictures and shit if that's what's needed for proof. I also have my own CD key, this is not the reason of this post.

Anyways, my Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction CD is scratched and FUBAR. I was able to extract most of the .MPQ files, except for D2EXP.MPQ and D2XVIDEO.MPQ. Now my question is: would anyone want to help me out by sending these 2 files to me via a messenger? I can use MSN, Yahoo, or AIM...all I really need is someone willing to hook a fellow D2'er with some of their time. I don't really have anything to offer for services though :( Any help would be great though, you can hit me up via MSN with [email protected], yahoo with itb_gloss or AIM with GlossITB. Thanks for all the help, I really need these files. I do NOT plan on breaching terms of blizzard by using d2loader, I am quite confident that my cd will run the game, I just need these files on the computer so that it is a possibility. Thanks again!


I'd suggest contacting blizzard and ask the process of getting a new CD. They have prevented any "backup" methods for the CD...tho there are some, theres still basic copy protection. Because of this, its a good argument to bring up with them. If this works let us know. If not, let me know, cause I'll put up a method on our site on how to copy the CD which I might do anyway. Consumers have a right to make backup copies for THEMSELF. They are punishing the everyday consumer rather then the hacker who is going to find away around their protection anyway....all CD's eventually end up being copyable, its just a matter of usually a month after its released.