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:confused: I have a lvl 91 sorc with 758 mf, and I need to get her running a bot program.....But I have no idea how or where to start..Please help the bot noob with some helpful info.

1.What kind of bot do I need?
2.Where can I find said bot
3.How do I config the thing

I really need alot of help on this one...

as i said I have a lvl91 sorc, my accnt is Thecaptain420... and my yahoo is lou_ville2000. I'm like a newborn babe when it comes to this stuff, but I am very interested in running my own bot. Please help the noob guy on botz. any info is appreciated.

I like D2jsp's most. http://2jsp.org
I have a big problem with the guy that he calls his payment a $20 "donation" to use the program, because thats not what a donation is. Needless to say you can pay for it and get latest versions, free support, and new scripts. Theres plenty of free options but most of them use a program called auto it and are so simplistic in nature that they can only do pindel runs.

And what are you wearing to get 758 MF???

ty for trying to help. but my mf gear is as follows

Ist'd Occulous, Ist'd Stormshield, Tal's Armor, ammy, and belt. Shako with ptopaz, 50% wartravs, 40% chance guards, 2X30% nagels. Perfect gheeds 40%. And all the 7-mf-sc's I can carry. I got no free space in my inventory wich will be a problem when i get bot going. I have to go back to town and drop sc's just to pick up an item...lol

the charms dont really make that much of a difference.

Ditch the other items you have and put on full tals (full tales set gives a good bost to MF and the strenght of your char), or use an isted/topaz gemmed skullders ire instead...has more MF.

Also remember ....its a bot...you're gonna be walking away, going to bed, going out, ect when you turn it on....u dont need TONS of mf cause stuff is gonna drop even if u dont have any at all.