Help with appearance...


I saw a pic on google with a D2 LOD character that had "wings" similair to that of tyrael's, and I was wondering how to remake them... I'm thinking it involves NV states, but I have no idea- the site is in another language. Here is the link-

thnx 4 ur help

just a thought if u look at the pic closly u will see that the "wings" are comin off of a fallen not the character. also it may be a fake screenshot afterall ive never seen it. i have hero editor and i havent figured out a way to add wings and ive had it for about a year. anyways if anyone else figures it out plz tell me too.

Ya thats easy to air brush. Also could possibly be "real" but with a mod. Not sure what mod tho.

it doesnt have to do anything wit nv states ive seen em all unless if some1 made it somehow...