How do i out the items form this site : : to diablo in my character??? plz help...

you need an editor like hero editor or jemallas but i wouldnt recomend that 1. u gatta download the editor and import the item files onto ur char

jemallas is for diablo 2. Those items are for Diablo 1. I'd just use doomgazes or bobafetts trainer. There is an import/export option for items on them....just browse to the itm file then and switch back to the game.

ah, i didnt know that they were diablo 1 files. sry. i didnt even look at the files. but ya u do need an editor


when i?m importing .ITM files via my Bobafett trainer they turns to something else than the item i want it to be.. they becomes bottles of worthles shit instead of powerful axes and stuff.. what to do?