I lost all my sig items on my barb and he only died once how come i cant get all my sig items back :mad: please help :mad: :mad: :mad: :eek:

Did you pick your body up? If you cant get to it just restart your game and it will be in town when you spawn.


thats what i did i only died once but then when i restarted I came into town and my body wasnt there???

not sure on this one blizzards tech support....something might of errored on their part, but regardless i doubt you'll get items back.


okay same here i doubt i will i was seeing if i can get them back


yeah i was playing regular

i have v1.7 and i do not know how to update it plz help me!

hey zorro, you can go onto inside the game and it should automatically update itself, but if that doesnt work for you, here is a link to update to the 1.10 patch on battle.nets website. hope that helps.


that sucks ur bard lost sig :(