Hellfire Modem Multiplayer


Yeah my friend and I are trying to play Hellfire multiplayer but we dont know how to work the modem thingy, help?

By dial number, which number does it mean? Does it means he dials my home phone? Someone please help.

I've personally never used multiplayer with Hellfire however if I did, it would be a lot easier to do it on a Lan line. I assume you're both using dial up?

Yes, we both have dial up. We both just want some way to play Hellfire online because Hellfire>Diablo. We're trying Modem and GIT - Generic IPX to connect and no other servers have Hellfire support or are unreliable.

you just need to use your friends telephone number in order to connec to them, me and my friend have connected that way before also when we had dial-up.

so i just enter the 10 digits? my friend said that using modem connection would mean extra charges on the phone bill, anything on this?

ya you'll definatly be charged if you're dialing to his....and how much is really determined on on far away you are from him. If you're really stuck you can try calling blizzard support or go in their tech channel....should be stright forward to connect through a modem so its probably something with your setup.