hack help


:confused: Can anyone walk me through on how to use the map hack after u download it or ne other hack 4 that matter

make sure the game is running first....alt+tab to desktop and run the hack...

Its always good to reboot your computer when u first download a hack. dont know if that will help u but Good Luck ; )

why would you reboot? Ive never used any cheat/trainer and had to reboot before use....

Well for my computer i've always found that its easier to run a hack/trainer but it doesnt hurt if you don't.

my concern is that some hacks are fakes...if they ask you to reboot in a readme or something it could be a Trojan which becomes active after a reboot.

the only thing that hacks require is to be "unstuffed" which may appear as an installation of sorts...but it would be all the same if you dragged and dropped an unzipped folder to your desktop. 95% of hacks eg: trainers work this way. I have yet to see a trainer that needs to add or modify itself to system files to warrant a reboot

Yeah and that sounds right.I was just trying to help but i guess i dont really know much about hacks. hehe i guess i leaven answers to you. ;)