A few diablo 1 questions.


I'm an old diablo 1 player looking to get back into the game.

Anyway I just downloaded bobafett68trainer from Extremegamers website. I was wondering if it's safe, or if there is a better trainer out there.

I was also looking for a couple old items, the staffs of nova and apoc. Does anyone know which program was used to make these?

Thanks in advance.

All d/ls are scanned before posting...that d/l has been there for a long time and IMO is one of the best trainers for Diablo 1.

To get items into the game you can use a function in that trainer. I believe doomgazes also has a button that you can import items....just point it to .itm file.

im against most hacks but i use it to save items i find on my mage when doing laz runs it works great