Duped Runes


I was wondering... If i had a duped rune and I make a Runeword what will happen to the rune? Will it perm?

LOL I have no answer to that and I am still looking for a good dupe plan I am tired of farming. I also would like to know are duped items perm or do they disappear when you log off?

Should work fine, I'm not sure how exactly the code is done, but a year back when i KNOW i had a duped bow/rune, i put them together and it must have somehow changed it cause it was never deleted....could just be coincidence, but ya it will work.


I am looking for a duping program and i cant find one can s/o post a site or link to were i can get a closed realm dupe hack or a closed dupe hack plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :confused:


once a unpermed rune is made into a runeword the rune then becomes permentant, because the code of the runes changes to be all one unit, then the only thing that displays is the code of the runeword itself. :D btw, i play diablo II LOD, ALL THE TIME!!! my account is BTman_2 and my mf account is BTman_2_ I am on useast nl sc, hope to see other people there!

where find right dupe prog rune?

ugh.. english plz, there isnt a program to make duped runes, sry, if there is, it is private.