Duped Rune?


Do duped runes go away if u make a runeword out of them?

Say u made Breath of the Dying (Vex, Hel, El, Eld, Zod, Eth) and the Vex was duped would the Entire runeword go away or would the Duped Vex become permanent and stay?

Should become permanent...Im not quite sure how it works myself but my guess is that each item has a unique ID and when you place it in a socket, the rune word thats created becomes is own unique ID and the runes are irrelevant then....this is only an educated guess based somewhat on how other games and Diablo 1 worked....If anyone else has input on this I'd actually be curious as well.

Do you have a dupe program? If u do can u post it please. :)

I believe this topic has been discused on before in another topic, but for sake of argument, matrix had it correct, once you put a duped rune inside a item that runes ID will change and becomed permed, just make sure you do not join public games becuase if someone has the same rune as you, it might be lost as soon as you enter the game, also when you are in a public game, make sure you trade with someone right when you about to leave, that temp perms the rune so it will not be lost, hope this helps.

The last time I played Diablo non-expansion, there were no runes, only gems. Lord Of Destruction introduced Runes.

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