Dueling Barb D2 LoD


ok i jsut want to see what everyone thinks of this build, in comparison to BotD builds it pwns in pvp so dont any1 try saying botd is better, b/c this build owns it

Last Wish Berzerker axe
adds might and crsuhing is massive, plus the fade, god weapon
adds fanat blus some major stats, also very fast

2x Heart of the Oak
bo weapons b/c they look cool and are good for enigma teleing

Enigma Archon Plate
tele, added str, reduces dmg...what else can i say
eth upgraded zod arrets
over 600 def, lots of stats, res, skills, basicly the best of the best
added dmg and nice def
upgraded gores
lots of mods plus good def
vitality...damadge reduce...duhh


2x 250/20 raven frosts
no freeze and dex and ar are sweet

their are many different ammys that are good, i myself would say highlords for deadly but metalgrid is sweet as well

deadly strike skills ect
def ar summons

the inventory is a no brainer to most

37x 3/20/20 anni torch

ok here is the basics of the barb on stats

lvl 90 you will have 460 stats to work with assuming you did the quests so

150 base
200 base

skills are different it jsut depends on how you like urchars, this is ww build
20 in bo
20 in shout
20 in axe mastery
20 in ww
1 in berzerk
1 iron skin
1 increased speed
1 natural resist
rest will be in reaching these skills, any left put in iron skin, u'll have max res already with gear and 1 in natural resust

hope this helps, if you have a build u think beats this one holler at me, the dmg on this build is about 5-6k per weapon life is like 14k and mana is about 2k


Thank you!