Diablo Spawn D/L link?


i was wondering, is there any place that has a diablo spawn for download? just the spawn, she just wants to play online. any help?

nevermind that, i now know the spawn is the same as the demo (strange, the manual said somewhere you have access to everything in spawn multiplayer...)

anyways, anyone know how she could get data to use the rogue? in multi?

Not sure what you're talking about at all.....

alright, my friend downloaded the diablo demo so she could play online with me. the only problem is, she wants to play as the rogue, and she can only play as the warrior. is there any way the rogue could be enabled on the demo?

Nope....but this is diablo 1 we're talking about here...old game so no cd protection, not even a cd key...come to your own conclusion for what you should do on this one if you already have one full copy ;)

well i dont have a cd burner and none of my friends do and my cd is really scratched and glitchy. I put Diablo on my hard drive before it messed up.

Just find a medium to copy the files over manually then....zip disk or such.

i dont even have that, i think the only ay she could get it is to just go out and buy it or illegally download it off Kazaa or another file shring program like it. maybe she just isnt meant to play diablo...

Sounds like you need some major computer upgrades....maybe its time to buy a new one.