Diablo 3 aint comin out insted


insted of Diablo 3 blizzard has decied to come out with a game called hellgate: london you might wanna join this great clan to the site ahve every thing pretty much i post alot on it so go cheack it out you may have to sign up for the site to view it and dont jsut sign up so you can look at it cause it will make the peolpe the site mad.

Announcments to launch a Diablo 3 have not been proven or disproven....but its rather likly they will.

if it was gonna come out then it would probobly be in like 3 years

You maybe right, right guard. It could be like other things I've seen they wait 5 years and then bring an new sequal(did I spell that right?) It could open up more profits for them new people play and want the old games. Just and idea though. Nice avatar too.

They cant make a Diablo 3 because in the end of LOD they destroyed all of the soulstones, therefore there is no more Diablo, Baal, or Mephisto. it does suck though, i was a huge fan of the Diablo series from tyhe beginneg. :mad:

Its fantacy(sp) ok they can make it so something of them survies or a new threat a spawn or an incarnation(sp). Never say that its dead until your sure of it. Show me proof and I will shut up.


undefined :p hey i wento your so called hellgate thing and it is not a blizzard made product


QUOTE: undefined :p hey i wento your so called hellgate thing and it is not a blizzard made productand i went to the interview with bob and thats not a blizzard employee at all he dont even mop floors lol :eek:

D3... hah whats with blizz these days.... i wish they made d3..... it'll be like a long time if it ever comes out. sc ghost hasnt even come out yet. sc ghost keeps getting pushed back.

Want to take ten thousand print outs of release dates to the blizerd (sp) headqurters and set them a blaze in a massive bon fire and dace around chanting. "we want games we want games we want games" And if that dosen't work we'll find some thing else to entertain us. Pong's cool old but cool.

SC Ghost is getting ditched for WOW patches and updates.

Lim: Printouts of what?

They could always go in the direction of the rest of the Lesser Evils being released from Hell... If I remember correctly (it's been awhile since I've seen the cennimatic) Tyrael said that not even he could predict what would happen when he smashed the Worldstone... There are still many possibilities for a third game...

Print outs of relese dates Matrix 223.

Jon. chad thank you for agreeing with me about something though I haven't beten either D2 or D2 lord of distruction but most games are alike if there hot on the market they won't kill it just yet.

wow this forum thing is now waaaayayyyyyy of topic

Not realy just talking about D3 and why or why it won't be comeing out just some theroys(still can't get it right *sigh* I need a spell check or a dictonary).

Blizzard has so far delayed their games a-bit too far. If SC ghost is to be stopped.... then why not Sc-2? Seriously though WOW is too over rated. and not all of us are MMORPG Nerds. Diablo 3 should be brought back some way or another. Before my trigger happy finger puts a .375 in each of their pea sized HEADS! .... -whew- :D

Finaly someone who is as likely as I am to help releve the pressure in there heads and get them back on target. Though that may be just going a bit to far.

That reminds me of a convorsation me and my friend were having the other day. It's more about the game makers then the people who play it. without us... them companies would be nothing! we need somone on the inside... :cool:

:confused: Does Protesting and writing e-mails with thousands of people complaining actually work to get what we want?

QUOTE: :confused: Does Protesting and writing e-mails with thousands of people complaining actually work to get what we want?

not if what you want is too hard to get/get done....then its just irritating.

The CEO's can persuade them just flash a few profit projections to them and they will start to get them into shape no mater how hard it is. Irritation would give way to money. That's Capitalism is a bit of a nut shell.

they might make new enimies from the book like bartuc lord of blood and so on. though maby they will find a new way to bring the 3 brothers back who knows...