Diablo 2 questions.



Just new to diablo 2 as I played the singal player ages ago when it came out but never played multiplayer. About a week ago I decided to pick it up and try out the multiplayer do to the lack of decent online games out atm. BF2 can only take you so far. Anyhow, just got a few questions.

1.) My first question is I keep reading about this dex and max block. What is the formula or how do you know when your dex is high enough that you have maxed you block for that type of shield ?

2.) The second question is I created a necro and went the posion route as I heard it was now good/decent for pvm and pvp after patch 1.10. Currently i'm lvl 62 and i almost have most of the posion synergies maxed out, but still need a few more points to max it but i find my dmg is lacking compared to many of the other classes. The posion does great damage but it doesn't stack. I have to cast posion nova then wait of it to wear off then cast it agian. Along this time I either have to run around like a sissy or pray my summoned minions hold up. My question is this tho, does the posion get to the point where it does enough damage so that I don't have to worry about it or will it end up killing as fast compared to the classes that can spam attacks?

3.) The other question was would it be a good idea to put enough dex into my posion necro to max block so he can tank a little better / absorb damage when need be?

4.) Was also wondering about the bone template for a necro such as:

These are the stats I recommend:
? Strength - 50 Strength. Without items you should have 65 Strength total.
? Dexterity - Either enough to max block, or none, whatever your preference is
? Energy - None
? Vitality - All the res goes here

20 - Bone Spirit (Your main attack)
20 - Bone Prison (Bone Spirit synergy)
20 - Bone Wall (Bone Spirit synergy)
20 - Teeth (Bone Spirit synergy)
20 - Bone Spear (Bone Spirit synergy and a good Group killer).
1 - Decrepify (Slows down your opponents)

Is this any good or what is the damage like on bone spirit / spear ?

and finally last but not least, sorry for all the questions i figured it would be best to cram it into 1 post intead of 5

5.) I'm also currently making a blizzard or cold sorc for farming purposes as all my gear BLOWS. Is it better to go blizzard or ice orb as your main dmg dealer or attack? I heard blizzard is a bit better for pvp but orb is better for farming ?? just need some imput.


I think you have a very good understanding of the necromancer build. All the prerequisites generally add about 7% dmg to all bone attacks. As for your main attack, bone spirit is ok. I would probably use bone spear as my main form of missle damage.

[u]Advantages of Bone Spear:[/u]
a) faster cast rate than bone spirit
b) relatively the same impact punch (damage)

a) not able to "lock on" to opponents (seeker missle like bone spirit)

I'll give you more info. on the ice sorceress and the skills best utilized.

Thanks this thread, and I hope to see you out in the forums.