Diablo 2 LOD 1.11b - how to create server?


I want to create server like bnet or something like this.
Plz give me what i need to do this, how to dl it and how to do this (tell me all informations and plan for it plz)
Sorry for my eng.

The software that used to let you do this was called bnetd. The development of it has since been shut down a year or 2 ago. You may find old versions of it lingering however. I'll try to post some of the old links and info about this on our diablo 2 page within the next week. If you run into dead ends, check back then.


can u find me a good hero editor thnx if u can email editor to [email protected] thnx again :cool:

You can create your own server, basicly they have one called PvPGN and you have to config it yourself, port forwarding is needed, if you cant dont even try. The source is also avaible if you know C++. All the releases you will find do not use the new login method (05) and you cant play anything but open diablo on it because the realm config doesnt work sence 1.11. You will need a bot that can make accounts on the PvPGN's old login method. And any other game client/bot can login to it.