Diablo 2 Lod 1.11 Bot..



- Eldritch, Shenk, Pindelskin runs are possible with all classes.
- Pickit and IDING trough the PKID.ini (Internal Pickit), gamble.
- Corpse recovery, merc resurrection, heal, potions, repair, stashing.
- Monsters detection, Relative to blocks moves giving pretty accuracy.
- All difficulties, Solo or Battle mode, multiple log files, and much options.
- Realm Down / Game Not Exist detection & delays/scripts associated.
- Diablo Clone IP finder & scripts/idle associated (up to 3 IP search)

These features are done without any hook/hack in game memory space.
This is the only bot, as i know, that is 100% autoit/pixels detection based.

The mm.BOT use a MOD thats change some graphics allowing a near perfect pathing
for Npc, Monsters, and items management. This Bot also use "advanced" sequencing;
Thats means you can define yourself near all actions done out of town like monsters
attack, life check for char/merc/monsters, pickit, chicken, and much others things.

link for the awsome bot

where do you dl the bot.mod.zip from? also where is the \data folder at?...sorry if these are stupid questions....im new to this forum