diablo 2 cd


My diablo2 lod cd keeps getting a little burst into it. This is now my 2nd cd and again a crack has appeared, it keeps spreading and my computerr will proberbly stop detecting it soon. does anyone here know if there is a program that will let you play diablo2 lod without the cd on the realms?

yep, D2loader...its on our diablo page in the utilities for 1.11b.

Not sure how detectable it is, but havent heard any reports of being banned for JUST using that.

Contrary to popular beleif, the diablo 2 cd is burnable (however not by convensional means). You might wana try and copy it before it goes dead if its not already too late. You will need something like cloneCD, alcohol 120%, and/or nero. Not sure which ones, but I did it myself way back when. There are guides out there somewhere specifically for D2. I'll try and post up a guide in the next week or so about this on our Diablo 2 site, so if you dont come up with anything by then, check back later, and/or post your findings here if you do stumble upon it.

......you have an ultra fast cd drive. They will sometimes spin fast enough to damage cds which have minute manufacturing defects (I`ve actually experienced it with this ever widening crack that developed in my 98 disc). I use a ramdrive called game drive and with that you do not have to use the disc at all. What it does is make an image of your disc (called an amplet). Then all you do is load the amplet (image of your disc) into the virtual cd drive that game drive will create. A few drawbacks are that you need alot of available ram to create the virtual drive with the space necessary to contain the amplet. Another which I am now trying to have resolved is the loss of the use of the command exec line to enter game specific commands and windows admin switches.

you can always adjust the speed of your drive so that it does not spin as fast, thus less likely the chance of damaging your discs

......two systems ago but I still use game drive because it keeps my cd drive from being worn out from overuse. Thanx though.

it's easy, 1st you need to get images from your cd's either use a program like winiso and copy your cd's or you can just download the images from a filesharing network you will dl files with an .iso or .bin extension then you use a program like deamon tools to create a virtual drive and then you can play with no cd's this is completely legit no need for d2 loader or any other program like it


ya clone cd works

WOW all interesting suggestion but a program as simple as nero can create a image file then down load dameaon tools its a free software then have it run on a virtual drive then you dont need any of that stuff and its safe and Bnet cant do nothing about it!!!! :cool:I also have a free D2loader if anyone is interested.