Diablo 1 - Hellfire


Anyone around here still play Diablo at all? I had a sudden urge to play it so I'm trying to figure out if anyone plays on BattleNet anymore or if I'm just wasting my time.

Oh, and a quick question, I can't find Hellfire anywhere...is there something I need to know?

Not many people play but im sure you'll find someone.

Hellfire is a standalone single player game.

Yeah, I guess I should have searched harder.

I can't even connect to battle net with Diablo...weird.

Thanks for the help though.

Make sure you have the latest version of Diablo 1...If you have to go to http://blizzard.com and d/l the update manually if it wont do it automatically when you load it up.

hellfire is standalone?

iono, i had d1 installed when i installed it.

btw, check EB games online for a used copy

Yes, Hellfire is standalone and cannot be used for Multiplayer
Just update your game and you'll be able to connect to Bnet. Still a couple hundred people on.


Yeah Thnx To All, I See That Are A Lot Of Players In Bnet And Now Im In Contact With A Group That Plays Legit, Thanks For Replys And Help


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